How the Congress Impeach a President

Caution! Please be aware that this explanation of the process of impeachement is extremely simplefied. Impeaching a president is much more complex. Because only 3 presidents have been impeached the guidelines are not clear. The only thing the Founding Fathers left us is a blurry frame of impeachment. All 3 impeachement during the history of […]

Coronavirus cases in 2020 US, France and China

China I can’t really do an analysis of China’s Covid-19 cases because the information I am showing you is probably biased. The information China is showing the world is censored, they choose which data to make public and private. In this case, China is not showing the world all of their coronavirus cases. It is […]

Older U.S. Generations trust products more easily

According to a survey that tested the trust of each age group in online review, the older the age group, the easier they trust a review. the age group 18-25 needed 200+ to trust a product while the age group 65+ only needed about 50 reviews. Sources:

The Special History Of YouTube’s Unique Creator Awards

As you may know or not know, YouTube has something that makes it special from the other social media platform, and this is the Creator Awards. The Creator Awards are awards given to any YouTube creator that passes an important milestone.There are currently 5 different Creator awards you can get, but the history of those Creator Awards is very interesting.

Top 5 used programming languages in the community

Community’s favorite If a lot of developer are using a particular language then it must be easy to use, lots of possibilities, various tools, etc… Modifying an original program If you are a database administrator or you are freelancing to help other programmers then you should know how to use those language to have a […]

About Us – Infographics Ninja

This infographic will be posted in our About us page. Who we are We are simply people organizing data into infographics and publishing on the web to grow an audience. Our goal Our goal is to attract as many people as we can onto our web site and then monitoring this large audience using various […]

The Best Way to Increase Sales using Marketing

Here is our latest infographic about Different marketing way you can increase sales for your e-commerce buisness. If you end up liking this infographic don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our infographics into your inbox and you can always unsubscibe whenever you want. Source URL:

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